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Birthday Reflections and Play Cafe Clue

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Hi! Today is my 34th trip around the sun, so I thought I'd get myself a birthday present. Meet Sawyer the (Squishmallow) Squirrel, who will be my copilot on our drive to the very first pop-up play space at a local eatery later this morning. I'm dropping off my wonderful backseat driver (not pictured, because this was taken after she finally fell asleep last night) at daycare on the way so I can devote more attention to our guests.

This trial run will help Playful Acorns determine how many kids (ages 0-5) and their caregivers (when they're not sipping their coffee at the table nearby) can comfortably fit in the indoor play space. What works. What doesn't work. What could be improved. Because we're looking forward to making this experience the best it can be in mid-September when we roll out this play cafe offering to the public (hey, that's you!).

So, what if kids (and, let's be real, adults) get squirrely and want to move around outdoors? Well, that's why we've chosen to partner with a local business that's located right by parks and trails (a pretty "scenic" one at that). In fact, it even has a partially fenced yard and is located just a few blocks from a beautiful library. Hmmm...any guesses where we might be headed in Dane County?

Atomic Antiques in Madison has a fun collection of vintage picnic baskets that we are converting to "book baskets" to bring along to our meet-ups. One of our go-tos is "Woodland Dance!" by Sandra Boynton. If you and your kids have any favorites, please share them here!

I've also brought a few picnic baskets full of books, puzzles, and toys for all to enjoy. Because we're all a kid at heart. I'm a playful acorn. You're a playful acorn. Even animals can be playful acorns.

Let's gather and grow (and have some fun)! See you soon.

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