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Will You Dream With Me?

Updated: May 15

The northern lights.

Aurora borealis.

Did you see them?

It was my first time.

I didn’t think I’d have the chance.

1. The night started out cloudy in Madison.

2. I was beyond tired, especially after Z’s frequent wakings.

But when I realized the cat had gotten into her room just before 2 a.m., I put on my glasses and noticed through the crack in her curtain that the sky seemed bright, but it was hard to see anything out of the window.

So I snuck out of her room and I took my phone and baby monitor outside to check things out. I never had to leave our yard. Over that next hour, I watched the lights dance, ripple, pulse, and create the most beautiful and interesting displays against the sky, stars, and silhouettes of our trees and overgrown dandelions.

It reminded me of when I first saw my belly flutter when I was pregnant with Z. The way she was positioned, I couldn’t feel the movements until she was much larger, but I could visibly see the subtle dips and grooves, especially when I focused on my belly button and let my gaze drift.

The experience was, for me, magical. I’ve waited my whole life to see them, and I didn’t think I would have the opportunity. And I’m not just talking about today.

Back in October, there was an incredibly difficult three week period in which I was waiting for test results to reveal if I had cancer. That’s what initial screenings indicated, but thankfully I got a second opinion before more invasive testing would have been required. Thyroiditis and a benign fibroadenoma in my breast. Not cancer. I am okay! And I am beyond grateful to be alive.

During that waiting period, I reevaluated nearly every aspect of my life, unsure what the future would hold for me and my family. I didn’t have any bucket list vacations or to-dos. No regrets.

I did, however, wonder what it would have been like to see the northern lights. Now I know.

Ultimately, the two things that became crystal clear were and are my desire to spend more quality time with my daughter and family. And, to go for my dreams. That includes creating a welcoming and supportive environment for families and helping them nurture a love for nature.

Will you dream with me?

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